EU leader in the Ventoxx range of recuperators. A universal solution for any facility. Maximum comfort with high power and low noise. Productivity: 100 m³ / h. Maximum heat recovery: 91%!

Powered by Twist controls, purchased separately.

The Ventoxx Comfort recuperator is a universal ventilation device in the range of our recuperators, satisfying the needs of a wide range of consumers, which is why it is a leader in sales, especially among wholesale buyers, as well as in the EU markets.

The device is as easy to install and operate as other products in this series, but offers the consumer the maximum level of comfort with high power and low noise level. The German ceramic heat exchanger provides an unprecedented high efficiency value for recuperators - up to 91%! The noise level at peak power values ​​(at the maximum fan speed) does not exceed 41 dB, which is comparable in volume to a normal human conversation. The maximum power consumption is 4.78 W, which is 20 times less than a conventional 100 W incandescent light bulb. Operating in the maximum ventilation mode, the device circulates air masses in a volume of up to 100 m³ / hour.

Ventoxx Comfort is designed for 17 modes of operation and 5 speeds, which regulate different volumes of ventilated air depending on the needs of the owner. The recuperator is controlled by the Ventoxx Twist device, which can be installed in the wall in any place convenient for the client. The intuitive control is capable of simultaneously regulating the operation of several recuperators (up to four units). The relay allows you to select the mode and speed of operation, which are displayed using LEDs.

The Ventoxx Comfort model is used both in the construction of new residential buildings and in the reconstruction of secondary housing. This ventilation device can be used in various premises. Like other recuperators in our range, Ventoxx Comfort has a laconic design that fits equally well into any interior style.

Ventoxx Comfort is installed in walls from 350 mm thick. If necessary, the length of the duct can be adjusted with additional annular sections. By increasing the number of dial rings, the recuperator is mounted in buildings with different wall thicknesses, completely eliminating cutting the air duct. This unique solution makes the Ventoxx Comfort ventilation system the most versatile of all known recuperators, as it allows flexible response to the needs of individual customers. That is why this model is very popular with construction companies and wholesale ventilation and heating equipment stores. Our engineers have carried out painstaking work to ensure that during the installation of the product, a cold bridge does not form in the structure, and the consumer's dwelling remains as warm and airtight as before.

The recuperator installation takes about two hours, after which the ventilation system can be immediately put into operation.

The combination of high quality components mainly from the European Union, proprietary assembly and low prices compared to centralized ventilation systems make this model the best in its class.

Ventoxx Comfort is a guarantee of a healthy microclimate in your home and office!

Recuperator complete set

Plastic sheath 300 mm - 1;

External metal cover - 1;

Inner cover - 1;

Heat accumulator and fan cartridge - 1;

G3 class filter - 1;

Outer cover fasteners;

Warranty card;


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Product properties
Manufacturer VENTOXX
Air output capacity Max. 68
Pipe size 226
An efficiency of 70-91 %
Operating temperature, ° C -20 до +50
Voltage 230 V
Noise level, dB (A) 1 speed 17
Noise level, dB (A) 2nd speed 22
Noise level, dB (A) 3rd speed 33
Noise level, dB (A) 4 speed 38
Noise level, dB (A) 5 speed 41



LLC Ventoks has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2010. We have representative offices throughout Ukraine, as well as in Germany, Russia and the Baltic countries.

The purpose of our work: comfort and energy saving in every home! The values of our company: reliability in work, a close-knit team, personal responsibility of everyone for their contribution to the future of Ukraine.


Mini recuperator Ventoxx Twist

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Twist

Ventoxx Twist automatics control recuperators of the Ventoxx Champion, Comfort and Ventoxx Slim Line series. In the “Twist” regulator, all functions are performed with one rotary knob. Ventoxx recuperators are equipped with smart fans with built-in control and power section; the regulator only needs to supply the required signal to the fan.The “Twist” control has 17 modes of operation.The indication is located around the handle and is visible only when switched on. The control is made on the basis of the fittings of the French manufacturer "Legrand". This allows the control unit to be placed directly in the interior and installed along with switches or sockets.Recuperators connected to one Ventoxx Twist control work as a single ventilation system.The “Twist” control is designed to connect an unlimited number of recuperators when selecting the appropriate transformer parameters.Ventoxx Twist Package Contents:Twist control;Mounting box;Power supply 220-12 (connection of up to 4 devices);Instruction.If you did not find the product you were looking for in the product range, please contact us. Customer service phone:+371 26537465+371 67377552..

119.79€ Ex Tax: 99.00€

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Slim Line

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Slim Line

Ventilation unit with heat recovery for thin walls from 150 mm thick and frame houses. Productivity: 100 m³ / h.Powered by Twist controls, purchased separately.The Ventoxx Slim Line recuperator has been specially designed for installation in buildings with thin walls, such as houses built with SIP panels. The design solution is based on the use of a compensation box, which makes up for the missing thickness of the partition and fully insulates the recuperator. The part of the product protruding from the wall of the building is reliably protected from external influences, primarily precipitation and hypothermia. The Ventoxx Slim Line recuperator is designed in such a way as to eliminate cold bridges between the street and the room and further reduce heat loss from your home.The heat exchanger and design of the Ventoxx Slim Line is the same as the basic Ventoxx Comfort model. Heat recovery rate - up to 91%. The device has 5 speeds and 17 modes of operation. In terms of the noise level, the Ventoxx Slim Line model fully complies with the provisions of the DBN, having a limit value of 41 dB, comparable to the loudness of a quiet conversation. The maximum electrical power consumption is 4.78 W, which is half the value of the average household energy-saving 10 W LED lamp. The ventilation unit is equipped with a G3 class filter, which is responsible for preliminary cleaning of the incoming air. Its maintenance is carried out by flushing and cleaning at least twice a year. The maximum possible power of the device in the most intensive mode is 100 m³ / hour. The control is carried out by the Ventoxx Twist wall controller, which regulates the operation of up to 4 devices at the same time.Compared to the budget Ventoxx Champion recuperator, the Ventoxx Slim Line model compares favorably not only with the possibility of installation in thin load-bearing walls, but also with a higher performance while maintaining the same power consumption and an indistinguishable noise level.Ventoxx Slim Line is one of the few compact decentralized ventilation solutions on the market for buildings with walls from 150 mm thick. The laconic universal design, compactness and high performance of the model make it an almost universal device for ventilation of rooms with thin walls.Recuperator complete setPlastic sheath 300 mm - 1;External metal cover - 1;Inner cover - 1;"Wall compensation" metal box with an insulating ring - 1;Heat accumulator and fan cartridge - 1;G3 class filter - 1;Outer cover fasteners;Warranty card;Instruction.If you did not find the product you were looking for in the product range, please contact us. Customer service phone:+371 26537465+371 67377552..

286.77€ Ex Tax: 237.00€

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Champion with remote control

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Champion with remote control

The Ventoxx Champion recuperator is a standard ventilation unit with a simple design and average power ratings. The optimal combination of price and quality makes this model the absolute champion in terms of the number of regular sales for the second year already. Ventoxx Champion is equipped with a German-made ceramic heat exchanger capable of providing a heat recovery efficiency of up to 86%. These performance indicators of the recuperator are confirmed by the results of testing in an independent laboratory in Germany and supported by the corresponding test reports.The Ventoxx Champion recuperator operates at temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C and withstands all weather conditions. There are 11 programs and 3 operating speeds in total. The maximum volume of air that the recuperator is capable of pumping is 60 m³ / hour. The peak power consumption of the device is 4.6 W. The maximum noise level is only 43 dB.The extended air duct of the device is designed in such a way that the device can be installed in walls with a thickness of 500 mm or more. The installed recuperator is practically invisible, since the part of the device visible in the room is limited by a small air valve with a laconic design. The device is controlled using a remote control or a Ventoxx Twist control unit built into the wall. Technical service is limited to cleaning or replacing the air filter. The procedure is extremely simple - the filter can be washed and, after drying, placed back into the recuperator. The heat exchanger can also be cleaned in the same way: we recommend doing this twice a year - before the start of the heating season and at the end of it.The Ventoxx Champion model is suitable for installation in residential buildings, apartments, offices, shops and other premises. The recuperator can be installed in just two hours. During the installation process, there is absolutely no dust in the room, since an industrial vacuum cleaner is used when drilling the walls.By purchasing Ventoxx Champion, you solve the problem of bad air and high humidity quickly and with minimal investment of labor and money!Recuperator complete set:Inner cover - 1;Air filter (filtration class G-2) - 1;Reversible fan - 1;Remote control - 1;PVC air duct 500 mm - 1;Ceramic heat exchanger - 1;External grill - 1;Warranty card;Instruction.If you did not find the product you were looking for in the product range, please contact us. Customer service phone:+371 26537465+371 67377552..

279.51€ Ex Tax: 231.00€

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Comfort

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Mini recuperator Ventoxx Twist

Mini recuperator Ventoxx Twist

Ventoxx Twist automatics control recuperators of the Ventoxx Champion, Comfort and Ventoxx Slim Line..

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