KOMFOVENT DOMEKT ventilation units use a living space with a total area of ​​40 to 250 m² (in apartments, private houses) for ventilation. In air handling units, the rotating heat exchanger uses heat from the cooled air to heat the supplied air. Save 85% of the energy used to heat the air. Ventilation equipment with double plate heat exchanger saves up to 90% of energy. The quiet operation ensures comfort. The DOMEKT series equipment is easy to assemble. They are suitable for connection to a hood. The ventilation equipment with the automation is completely ready for installation - only switche..
Energy Efficiency law
The Energy Efficiency Act is necessary for the efficient use of energy in order to achieve sustainable economic development and to reduce climate change. The law states: energy efficiency requirements for planning and monitoring; for achieving the objectives of the Ministry of State responsible for the tasks and objectives; tasks of the responsible parties; an energy performance requirements; energy production, the conditions for the transmission and distribution efficiency; measures for market development; liability for failure to comply with the law...
Proper functioning of the air handling units also depends on the quality and the equipment. One of the main external wiring, setting the air handling VTS Group operation of the plant, is the process heat installation that provides water heater with the required amount of heat. VTS mixing unit consisting of three valve, pump and accessories to be installed in the water heater connection. Responding positively to the need for a fast, economical and trouble-free in relation to this installation, the ITS has completed the sale offer of air handling units with pump groups in order to ensure optima..
Salda Smarty 2R VE
Salda Smarty 2R VE plus is designed to supply a fresh air into your home. It’s not always easy to find a place for additional equipment. So we Salda have created a Smarty 2R VE compact, reliable and user-friendly unit, that fits a standard kitchen cabinet and has the kitchen hood connection, that occupies no valuable space.Main advantages:Compact size: 598x320x620 (mm).Kitchen hood connection: no need for additional ventilation equipment, alarm indication on cooker hood.Enhanced control options Salda: remote controller, PC con­nection, BMS connection, kitchen hood.Easy maintenance Smarty 2R VE..
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