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AlpicAir is a registered brand which combines various air conditioners and climate control systems. The goal was to create a brand which would guarantee the client an optimal quality-price ratio.
AlpicAir combines various split and multisplit systems, cassettes and fan coils, chilled beams, air ventilation units, floor convectors and solar panels.







ETS NORD AS, established in 1998, is a public limited company based on private capital. The primary activity of the company comprises manufacturing, designing and sales of ventilation equipment and accessories. Our sustainable product development is based on years of experience and reliable partners. Our key to success is continuous specialisation, know-how and high quality. In addition to the factory in Tallinn, we have expanded our production into Finland, where the company has been manufacturing round ducts and fittings since January 2009.


«Eiroplasts» is a young developing company which offers quality, reliable and functional products, interesting designer solutions, wide opportunities of choice and beneficial terms of cooperation. The strategic aim of «Eiroplasts» is to meet continuously growing consumer demand in quality products. With the ventilation systems a consumer receives from «Eiroplasts» the style and new quality of life, the atmosphere of comfort and the cosiness favour, creative plans and welfare. Consumers’ preferences direct the creation of new products. The results of detailed marketing research underlie design and construction of various new developments. High quality materials, modern production equipment, the experience and knowledge of qualified specialists provide highly efficient, aesthetic, reliable and environmentally friendly «Eiroplasts» products.



Gree offers solutions from the latest technology, but with your comfort in mind. Gree has manufactured the HVAC products in many of the world's largest brands - more than 20 years - a reliable, to produce high quality products with differences in features and design. Using this experience, Gree now creating products under its own brand and sells directly to its customers.



Hisense, founded in 1969 as a small enterprise for the production of radio communications, has shown high and effective development in many areas for more than 45 years. Hisense is a leading Chinese brand. A precise and well-designed strategy for Hisense to become independent that research company. The number of employees is about 75 000 people in the world. Hisense products are sold in 130 countries.



KOMFOVENT is a trademark for ventilation products produced by the company AMALVA. KOMFOVENT stands for comfort, healthy indoor climate, efficiency and productivity. We are responsible for high quality and reliable operation of our products. The most efficient solutions are achieved with our contemporary manufactured production and we ensure - KOMFOVENT WORKS PROPERLY.




Established in 1968, Midea (SZ:000333) is a publicly listed and, ranked as a Forbe's Global Fortune 500 company (#253). Midea offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the home appliance industry. Midea is headquartered in Southern China, but is a truly global company with over 150,000 employees and operations in more than 195 countries. Our Mission & Vision Midea's brand promise is "to provide surprisingly-friendly solutions for the ones who treasure those tiny moments at home" and recently launched its new motto: "Midea - make yourself at home". Midea has also landed several high-profile projects, most recently the 2016 win to install sophisticated HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) solutions in all 12 stadiums for sports games in Brazil. Midea is a strong supporter of sport and the proud official sponsoring partner of FINA, the World's Swimming Federation. Midea is implementing its strategy to continue as a highly dynamic enterprise, with the aspiration for consistent growth that is characteristic of a world class business.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric's quality system, which ensures the entire life cycle of products, as well as the compliance of the equipment itself with various standards and norms, is confirmed by independent organizations at international, European and national levels. But Mitsubishi Electric manufactures equipment that exceeds the requirements of national standards in terms of its parameters. The company has voluntarily proven this through a series of special product tests. Among them, work with imitation of dirty filters and heat exchangers, work in a salt shower, prolonged operation of the outdoor unit at an air temperature exceeding the maximum permissible, as well as checking the performance of outdoor units in conditions of strong air flows - imitation of strong winds (Typhoon experiment).

Mitsubishi heavy industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. was established in 1884 and has contributed to the development of society, constantly developed, advanced production solutions. Over the years, it has provided a range of products and services, set up social infrastructure supporting the lives of many people. Currently, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has 80.583 employees and annual sales of more than € 24 billion, with products ranging from air conditioning and aviation. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produces more than 700 different products in a range of different industrial and military markets worldwide and has a long history of designing and manufacturing of refrigeration systems dating back to the 1920th Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has always tried to introduce new approaches to the production of, and have formed the foundations of the development of the entire industry. With energy and environmental issues becoming common challenges all the planets of our values ​​as one of the few companies that is able to meet the global challenges of our world is constantly increasing. We express our values ​​in society through our CI statement - "Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow."




Our S & P brand has gained worldwide recognition for our staff, quality, reliability and innovation. The philosophical principles on which S & P was based and which are supported to this day: Proprietary Technology: For the S&P project to be strong and consolidated over time, it was necessary that it be based on creativity and offer distinctive products, avoiding the imitation of competition. Throughout its history, S & P has registered 80 patents, more than 20 industrial models and more than 120 utility models. Internationalization and growth: It was clear that to ensure the future of the company, we needed to open ourselves to the world and enter new, highly competitive markets. This has led us to continuous improvement of our products. S&P is currently the world leader in ventilation with manufacturing centers in Europe, America and Asia. A powerful distribution structure through subsidiaries and exclusive distributors allows S & P to be present in all world markets, both in terms of products and services. Self-financing: One of S & P's strengths is our continuous growth and our policy of reinvesting profits in continuous technological improvements, both in research, production, and marketing. This allowed S & P to become a self-financing company with complete independence in the decision-making process.


SALDA UAB is the European leader in production of ventilation equipment, with more than 25 years of experience in the field (see the mile steps). In more than 30 countries SALDA offers ventilation equipment for large industrial companies, production facilities, offices, cafes, hotels as well as individual homes. SALDA UAB advanced ventilation solutions like air handling units with heat recovery save up to 94 per cent of heat energy in the exhaust air. Range of SALDA production is not limited to air handling units and fans but also as an acknowledged producer SALDA offers: heat pumps, heaters and coolers, controllers, ducts, and much more... Currently more than 300 employees are making sure that the products of Salda satisfy the clients’ needs and provide the level of comfort they desire. 60 % of the employees work in production. Production area covers 20000 sq.m. and the warehouse more than 4000 sq.m.


Systemair has been working since 1974 to manufacture duct fans, air handling units, air separators, air curtains and other heating products. Since 2012 Systemair also has air conditioning products.



Venta-Airwasher moisturizes clean, warm air. Ideal for stale tobacco smoke, foul odors, household dust and pollen. The Venta-Airwasher is the only unit for homes and offices that uses the principle of airless cleaning without filters. The Venta-Airwasher is hygienic and easy to clean. No filters to dispose of when they become dirty. The design of the device is ingeniously simple and durable, giving it a very long life. The Venta-Airwasher operates on the principle of cold evaporation, which is widely known as the best technique:

1) no calcification and no cassettes;

2) no ultrasonic spraying, no evaporation and no humidification. Indoor air is always automatically humidified to the correct level.

Exceptionally simple technology allows the addition of flavorings and air fresheners without compromising the moisturizing or purifying function of the device.


LLC Ventoks has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2010. We have representative offices throughout Ukraine, as well as in Germany, Russia and the Baltic countries.

The purpose of our work: comfort and energy saving in every home! The values of our company: reliability in work, a close-knit team, personal responsibility of everyone for their contribution to the future of Ukraine.


VTS GROUP - made technically advanced equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs of the industry, using innovative technology projects exploration, production and logistics area.